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hi, I’m paige

it’s lovely to ‘meet’ you,

I’m so glad that you’re

(virtually) here with me. 

let’s get to know

each other…

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my qualifications

My journey in the health industry began during my Bachelor's Degree, in which I double majored in psychology and music (I originally had plans to be a composer, before health & wellness found me!). During my degree, I sought to learn more about traditional and modern healing methods. In the third year of my degree, I traveled to India to study Reiki Healing, which was a different experience from the western approach to mental health and wellness that I had been studying. From this, I fell in love with all things wellness and realized that there is no one right way to be healthy.

Six months after returning from India, the pandemic began, and the world's focus on health became more important than ever. During this time, I focused on expanding my knowledge of modern and traditional health practices. I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification, attended an Emotion Aid Practitioners course, and achieved a diploma in Mental Health Coaching from the Academy of Applied Modern Psychology.

As of 2023, I am actively working towards completing my Pilates and Functional Fitness Teachers course, as well as studying to become a certified nutrition coach through the leading health and nutrition academy, Precision Nutrition.

My qualifications include:

  • Bachelor's Degree with a major in psychology

  • Precision Nutrition Nutritionist Certification (in training)

  • Master Reiki Healer

  • Mental Health and Wellness Coaching Diploma from the Academy of Applied Modern Psychology

  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training (Certified Yoga Teacher) in Hatha, Ashtanga, and Vinyasa styles

  • Certified Pilates Teacher (in training)

  • Emotion Aid Training

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trigger warning: mental health, grief, eating disorder, suicide, trauma

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my healing journey

hello there, you amazing soul!

I understand how difficult it can be to take control of your health, especially when you've been struggling for a long time. I can sympathise, I’ve been there myself.

Since childhood, I’d had struggles, on and off, with my mental and physical health. From depression, anxiety, body image issues and suicidal thoughts, to asthma, a weak immune system and chronic back pain, I felt like i was playing whack-a-mole with my health issues (i conquer one and another one pops up). 

I felt that my healthcare providers and school education had failed me in teaching me how to live a healthy, happy and holistic lifestyle. No one teaches us what to do to feel healthy, so we look to body shaming magazine articles & get skinny quick diets for health advice.

Most days, I was just trying to survive, not truly living. My anxiety led to severe paranoia, and due to this, I lost the relationship of my best friend. A year later, my friend passed away suddenly in a car accident. Her death was my breaking point. I decided that I was going to take my health into my own hands, heal myself, and live a healthy, happy and holistic life on my terms. And I did exactly that!

My journey has inspired me to become a holistic health coach to help others who may be in similar situations. I figured out what worked for me, and created my own unique version of a healthy lifestyle. In my coaching programs, I guide you in finding the same.

As your coach, I will be a dedicated and compassionate guide on your journey to optimal health and well-being. Because I understand, firsthand, what it feels like to hate yourself, give up on yourself and feel so betrayed by your body, mind and soul. I know how important it is to create a healthy lifestyle that is tailored to you and will work with you to create a plan that is most suitable for you. With me, you'll have a dedicated, knowledgeable & compassionate guide on your journey to optimal health and well-being. I know the importance of creating a healthy lifestyle that is tailored to each individual and will work with you to help you create a plan that is most suitable for you. 

thanks for ‘listening’, I hope to chat soon!

- love, Paige x

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