Finding Meaning

Online Tarot Reading Course

This certified course immersively empowers you to interpret and understand the tarot's divine messages for yourself and others, You will curating a deep intuitive connection to our collective energy, while practicing the application of your new-found psychic skills.

The weekly live online classes are recorded for your convenience.

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Tarot Card Deck


- how to connect to and develop your intuition and deepen your connection to spirit

- the history of the tarot

- an in-detail understanding of each card and it's meanings

- a practical application of the cards, positioning and types of reading spreads

- how to provide an accurate and empathetic reading for another soul

- the ethics intuitive practitioners must obey

Image by Viva Luna Studios

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Course Structure

Week One

Introduction, History & Overview

In our first lesson, we will focus on the history and overview on the tarot. A few ice-breakers will be facilitated - because who wouldn't want to make new friends throughout this experience?! 
We will also complete exercises that deepen our connection with ourselves and explore our motivations for embarking on this learning journey.


The Minor Arcana
the suit of wands

In week one, we will also begin learning about individual cards and their application. The first suit we'll tackle is the suit of wands. Wands are ruled by the element of fire, and represent creativity, inspiration and connection to the divine. Let's start this journey inspired

Week Two

The Minor Arcana
the suit of cups

The suit of cups is one of our focuses in week two. Cups represents water; our emotions, subconcious & intuition. This week we aim to dive deeper into our inner world. Let's meet our intuition


The Minor Arcana

the suit of wands

Communication is in the air this week; in the suit of swords (air element). We will focus on communicating better with ourselves, with those we are reading the cards for as well as communicating with the divine. Let's connect.

Week Three

The Minor Arcana

the suit of pentacles

In our final week focussing on the minor arcana, we will reground ourselves in the suit of pentacles. Pentacles represents the element of earth - the physical aspects of our lives. Namely these aspects include our homes, money, career and possessions and material needs. Let's focus on action.  


The Major Arcana

cards one to eleven

Our attention now moves to the Major arcana. The Major arcana speaks to overarching life events. Each card is unique and holds a strong message. This week, we will focus on cards one to eleven of the Major arcana.

Week Four

The Major Arcana

cards eleven to twenty-one

Week Four is our final card focussed week. We will be strengthening our knowledge about the Major arcana as we dive into the meanings of the final cards: Major arcana cards 11 to 21.


Observation & Ethics
applying practical skills

In this week, you will observe a recorded reading between Paige and a client. This lesson will also deal with the ethics and guidelines an intuitive professional must follow.

Week Five

Preparation & Overflow

This week will be left open-ended for questions, queries and overflow (if we dive too deep to keep our classes perfectly on time according to the pre-set weeks). You will spend this week preparing for towards your individual assessment, deepening your personal practice & getting in touch if you have any questions or thoughts.


Assessment & Certification

You will be handing in / completing your assessments as a pre-recorded video reading. More information will be given in our first class. The assessment is to ensure you can competently and confidently deliver a reading to another person. Upon successful completion of the assessment, you will receive your certificate!


please note

the above weekly outline is merely a guideline - we will work at our own pace, but this course will be completed under 5 weeks

you are welcome to send your assessment videos in week 5, or alternatively within 6 months of completing the 5 week course

all classes are held live online and are recorded for your convenience

there will be a need for a bit of time dedicated to external reading and watching a recorded video in week 5,  etc. 

all sessions will be recorded and available for the 5 weeks - free guidance sessions will be available for 2 months after the 5 week course is complete.


Meet Your Teacher



Paige is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Psychology Counsellor and Alternative Medicine Practitioner. She is passionate about helping others find healing through a blend of western and eastern self-healing practices. These practices include Yoga, Energy Medicine & Mental Health Coaching & Education. She in Cape Town with her partner, Dev and pooch, Honey. In her spare time, she enjoys hot yoga classes, dips in the icy ocean and drinking tea. 

Amidst the global pandemic in 2020, Paige founded Healer’s Soul. Through Healer’s Soul, she offers and teaches the practices that have helped her find happiness & health.

“My wish for my clients is that they leave feeling better than when they arrived. This is a principal that I want to empower my students to practically apply in their own practice. I hope each student feels seen and heard and knows that I support them in growing on their unique path". 


"To understand everything is to forgive everything"

The Buddha