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Why should I pick Paige to walk this journey with me?

I didn't find health coaching, health coaching found me through my years of struggling with me health. Because of this, I have major empathy for others who are also struggling with their health. 

I prioritise compassion, I aim to create an environment that isn't led by a "no excuses, force yourself to do it, don't be weak" type of vibe. I welcome feeling our emotions and healing our relationship with ourselves: working out because we crave it, not because we have shamed ourselves into working out, because if we don't workout we're worthless. 

My focus is helping you find what works for you. I remove my ego completely from the coaching process- my way is not the only way that works. This of the health coaching process as us embarking on an adventure together through the amazonian rainforest (I often think of Jumanji when I use this analogy!) You want a dedicated guide who has been there before, knows a lot about the plants and animals, maybe is skilled in some first aid. But you've got the map, it's your expedition. 

The guide is your health coach.

You're the explorer, and your body, mind, soul create the map that guides us both.

I have a 0% bullshit policy with my clients. I'm open about the cake I eat, the days that are hard, the moments when I'm shaking during our group exercise classes. Because I'm also human, I'm walking my own perfectly imperfect healing journey just as you are. Often times, we equally teach each other. We're building a community of collective healers, not a cult of my personality ;). 

what is reiki healing? can it be practiced online?

Reiki (rei, the universal energy, ki, the body's energy) is a healing technique that uses the body's energy field to promote healing and balance in the body. Practitioners channel the 'rei' healing energy to the 'ki' of person receiving the treatment. Reiki can be performed remotely -  distance Reiki. Practitioners perform this by directing energy to the person at a distance, no physical contact is required.

What is a holistic health coach and what do they do?

A health coach is a professional who helps individuals improve their overall health and well-being by setting and achieving goals related to diet, exercise, stress management, and other lifestyle factors. They provide support, guidance, and education to help individuals make sustainable changes to improve their health.

How can a health coach help me?

A health coach can help you by working with you to identify and overcome the barriers that are preventing you from reaching your holistic health and wellness goals. They can also help you develop personalised action plans, provide ongoing support and accountability, and help you make sustainable changes to your mind, habits, energy, diet, space and lifestyle.

Can I opt-out of some aspects (ie: what if Reiki isn't for me?)

YES! We will use a blend of tools that work uniquely for you! You will have full say in what we choose to try and not try in your journey. Further, you are a unique and ever changing person, we will constantly be adapting your plan to be the best that suits the current you. Your program in a few months time might look completely different to right now, and I really love that about my clients. This month you might focus on your nutrition, in three months you might focus on your spiritual health. The journey is limitless!

Can I choose a smaller plan and add extras when I'd like to?

Yes! You're welcome to opt for only doing one-on-one coaching, and then book group classes and events when you feel like it. In our free 15-minute consultation we'll find what you need, and what will be best suited to you, your price range and your time.

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