frequently asked questions

can reiki be done virtually?

Yes! Distance reiki sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions. Reiki transcends the physical space; reiki can be done at any time and in any comfortable space for the healer and the receiver

what's the difference between tarot and oracle readings?

Both function similarly. Tarot offers more direct information about the different sections of your life and energy (ie, work, love, home, etc.). Oracles offer deeper soul messages. Book a tarot reading if you need direct answers to direct questions (ie: should I take this job?). Book an oracle reading if you are feeling lost or are feeling energetically fuzzy or frazzled. Alternatively, book a tarot or oracle session, and during the session we can decide which type of reading suits your needs best!

is reiki for everyone?

Yes! Reiki can be practiced on people of all ages, religions and levels of health. However, please alert the healer if you are pregnant or have a heart conditions.

can I book a session during the week?

Sessions are usually booked for saturday and sunday mornings, however, we can find an alternative time if you need. get in touch via instagram, whattsapp or this website's chatbox to organise an alternative time.