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I have designed this program for people who are fed up with feeling tired, burnt out & unfulfilled - much like I felt when I embarked on my journey of healing.

How will we do this?

We'll analyse which health needs are not being met, and create change to meet those needs. 

Holistic Health refers to a view of our health as a whole.

With guidance, we'll create balance in and between these 5 pillars of health
- mental health -

- physical health - 

- spiritual health - 

- social health - 

health coaching: About

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Is this program what you need?

Do you struggle with...

- poor mental health

- you don't feel fulfilled in your life

- you want to exercise in a way that excites you

- you feel self conscious about your body

- you believe in the power of energy and want to learn how to integrate energy healing into your health journey

- you are seeking like-minded people who boost each others confidence & live with compassion

- you have high stress levels

- you want to learn how to make your female reproductive system & hormones your superpower*

- want to learn about how to make how to make your menstrual cycle work for you*
* This program is open for any person with female reproductive organs (not only cisgender women)! Your unique identity is a part of your strength! All are welcome here :)

Does this sound like you? 

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creating a holistic lifestyle

our healing roadmap

mental + emotional health -

  • building mental resilience (to prevent mental illness)

  • learning about healthy brain functioning; a user's manual for the human mind

  • Self-compassion grown from self-

  • understanding exploring your personality type, what drives you and what gives you energy

  • Mental health evaluations

  • Learn how to better deal with stress and crisis through the Emotion Aid Crisis Counselling method

  • seeking affordable counselling practices where needed

  • psychology & counselling professional referrals where needed

*my coaching programs are not designed to treat mental health - but rather teach you how to prevent it

physical health -

  • daily exercise that you’ll actually enjoy

  • basic nutrition guidance

  • physical health checks

  • understand your menstrual cycle & make it work for you

  • health bodily habits

  • learn how to sustainably practice body positivity

  • referrals to trusted professionals when needed

spiritual health - 

  • learn the language you've been trying to learn for years; read that book - reach your goals that is waiting for you

  • learn to meditate & self-heal with reiki healing

  • find inspiration in some yogic lifestyle elements

  • learn about the energetic body, aura 

  • allow spirit to guide you through psychic tarot readings

  • practice manifestation habits

social health -

  • connect with like-minded people through the healer's soul (hs) community groups

  • dive into your personality type & how to use your personality type in your favour

  • understand healthy relationship & friendship characteristics 

  • find time for fun - a top priority in my coaching programs

  • understand how to make your money work for you, how to build healthy financial habits & tools to build these habits upon

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Select the plan that fits you best...

Our programs differ in 2 ways;

Group only programs allow access to all group workshops, meetings + events. 

Premium programs include bi-monthly one-on-one coaching (twice a month).

Mid programs include monthly one-on-one coaching (once a month). 


Flexible programs allow you to cancel at any time

Fixed programs end three after 3 months into the program, however, are available for renewal for another 3 months if wanted. 

*please note: all HS programs automatically renew until cancelled


- All moon ceremonies (2 per month)

- Bi-weekly support group sessions

- Bi-weekly health workshops

- Weekly live group glow flow (workouts)

- Daily health inspo

- Access to the HS group chat

- Connecting with like-minded women, from around the world



- Understanding your attachment style

- Tracking your cycle, mental health, habits

- Working together to make realistic and sustainable changes

- Finding a type of movement and a movement routine that wor

- Compassionately analysing your mind, body, soul + space

- Mental health assessments, personality aspect assessments + astrocharting


- Bi-monthly one-on-one consultations (every 2nd week)

- Monthly private tarot / energy forecast reading

-Bi-monthly (every 2nd week) distance reiki healing session

- Building minimum effort + maximum impact routines

- Honouring your organic needs and wants

- Re-positioning your ideas about yourself and your body
​- Building minimum effort + maximum impact routines

- Ensuring your routines are enjoyable + easy

   ie : meditation, breathwork + energy     connection | journaling

- Working with your menstrual cycle

- Creating a glow flow (workout) that you CRAVE not HATE

- Building your physical health and strength in your time +

- Implementing conscious choices in your mind, body, soul

- Wholly accepting + celebrating what is already the best

- Creating conscious boundaries around your time

- Strictly prioritising fun + rest

- Access to EmotionAid counselling (emotional first aid)

- Guidance in the stress recovery + coping techniques

- Leaving fight or flight behind (balanced nervous system)

- Free + open access to all online events ie: moon circles

- A 10% to 75% discount for in-person events depending on your program (Ts&Cs apply)

- Exclusive member-only offers + discounts

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